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Client’s Mum had massively increased needs, significantly reduced mobility and developing pressure sores but determined not to go into residential care

Unable to get response from provider for over 12 months

ACAT recently cancelled for upgrade home care package due to non-response from provider

Inadequate private care in place and asking untrained in-home helpers to work well outside of their scope of practice


Contact ACAT, gather required information and submit support plan request with clinical detail

Telehealth with GP to obtain medical detail and convey situation in the home, including functional care needs and plan

Research alternate providers based on client needs and expectations and present options to the family

Contact provider and remind them of their obligations under the guidelines, including legal responsibility. Outlined immediate needs, including nursing for wound care and physiotherapy review for positional care plan and manual handling for carers. Request immediate review of all care going into the home to ensure all carers are operating within scope of practice.

Conversation with client’s mother about what is required to remain in her own home, and her obligations to ensure she is using the right care for the right tasks.

Provision of recommendations for equipment to go into the home to support the mother and her carers in terms of safety, pressure area care and supporting regular positional changes.


Here is what the client says:

“Everything had become a mess with mum’s home care package.  She had a completely unresponsive provider and the much needed ACAT had been cancelled due to their failure to respond. 

Jennifer guided us through the ACAT process and the upgrade was received within 4 weeks.  She took care of the difficult phone calls with her provider, calling them to account and reminding them of their obligations. With her clinical skills she was immensely helpful in discussing equipment and caring needs and helped mum understand what it would take to keep her safely at home with her high level care needs. 

I would highly recommend engaging In My Place SA “ – Fiona


Helping Hand Aged Care
Son with elderly mother



Eddie’s mother M had recently experienced a notable decline in her cognitive health.

She had started to consider getting some assistance into her home, and her busy family wanted the peace of mind of having assistance to ensure she remained healthy and safe in her own home and community.

M had recently had a CT brain which showed some changes consistent with dementia and was in the process of a review of her drivers license. 

During our meeting there was evidence of cognitive impact on speech, word-finding, conversation-following and some motor planning activities (such as writing her name) She appeared to be managing most household tasks such as house cleaning and clothes washing, but some issues were starting to become apparent in nutrition, food preparation and safety, and shopping.

M last had a RAS assessment in December 2022 but did not access support at that time.

She has previously accessed some services but neither her or her son were aware of what current approvals were in place.


In My Place SA was nominated as a My Aged Care regular representative – to enable us to view approvals, exchange necessary information on the client’s behalf, lodge a support plan review and follow up. 

Lodgement of support plan review with comprehensive information written from a medical point of view that speaks to the assessors and clearly outlines your needs – fast approval received for CHSP services including medication management and meals, which would have suppor going into the home a minimum of 3 times per day.

Telehealth consult with the GP to gather, and convey, the required information – arrange prescriptions to go to the pharmacy, obtain referral to geriatrician for diagnosis and address drivers license.

Once the assessment was completed we could access the report and look at referrals generated for CHSP interim services, then contact providers and assist to get these in place.

Completed referral to Dementia Support Australia

Arranged for purchase and delivery of supportive equipment.


Here is what the client says:

“Jennifer’s passion is helping people negotiate the complex issues we will all face when aging. Where do we go, where do we start, it can be rather confusing ? However, what seems to be a minefield is seamlessly pieced together by Jennifer to find the best options and help for your loved ones. She goes out of her way to reassure and make suggestions that instantly put you at ease. Thank you Jennifer your absolutely amazing, will always recommend.” – EDDIE*

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